A Real Story of how one Boy...Jalani was kidnapped and taken into slavery!

----"One of the Best Children's Books for 2001"---The Los Angeles Times

Triumph of the Spirit, a tribute to our ancestors and 10,000 to 20,000 slaves in the African Burial Ground



Dr. Lorenzo Pace

Dr. Lorenzo Pace is the author of Jalani and the Lock, a story about his great-grandfather who was captured in Africa and brought to America to become a slave. The highly acclaimed children's book was named "One of the Best Children's Books for 2001 by the Los Angeles Times , and is a recipient of the "Skipping Stone Stone Honor Award".  Jalani and the Lock was recently made into an animated musical and performed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is presently touring in South America. As a lecturer, Dr. Pace performs Jalani and the Lock for children everywhere, using music and exciting visual effects. 

A long time ago........a little boy named Jalani.....lived in Africa and loved to play in the forest!---

Steve Pace was kidnapped in Africa. When he was brought to America as a slave, he was locked in a box and managed to keep its lock. Through the years, it was passed down to his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Dr. Lorenzo Pace tells his great-grandfather's poignant story in his children's book.........Jalani and the Lock! 

A Skipping Stone Honor Award Recipient  .     good to read

Triumph of the Human Spirit

In 1993,  Dr. Pace skyrocketed to national attention when he was commissioned to build a monument at  New York City's Foley Square paying homage to the African slaves originally buried at that site. In 1991, the remains of over 400 African slaves were excavated during the construction of a federal building in the city's financial district. The City of New York wanted to create a memorial and Dr. Pace was chosen. He worked on this project for nearly ten years. The result is the beautiful 300-ton granite sculpture named "Triumph of the Human Spirit.A duplicate of the lock that Steve Pace passed down to his descendants is buried in this monument.


Lorenzo Pace invitation

Dr. Pace is an accomplished and renowned sculptor. Throughout his career, he has worked with a broad range of objects and materials. His sculptures, installations and performance art have received international acclaim and he has exhibited in galleries and museum all over the world. To view his work, click here!

Explore the art and memories of the Pace Ancestral Legacy Cabinet

Web Master Cheryl Hanna was so inspired by Jalani and the Lock that she created the Pace Ancestral Legacy Chest. This wonderful tribute incorporates pictures in the book! Click here for viewing.



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